TAG| 20 Facts About Me


1. I have a weird but wonderful obsession with elephants. The closest i’ve come to meeting a real life elephant is at a temple in india and was patted on the head as a form of a blessing

2. I hate sharing food! Sudi does not share food. I have a huge pet peeve when people take food off my plate without asking my permission or without me even offering it to them.

3. I am constantly changing up my hair. Whether it is hair colour or length. I believe the longest I have kept my hair the same, Β without popping down to the hair salon, is 8months. Even then I ended up colouring it twice in those months.

4. I own more shoes than sense. ‘Nuff said.

5. My favourite season of the year is autumn. I love that you can layer and get your creative hat on in autumn, the neutral colours and that in between weather, cold but not so cold that you don’t want to leave the house.

6. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a year.

7. I have very sensitive and acne prone skin. I have been dealing with it for 6years but only recently, about a year ago, have I been able to overcome the fear of walking out of the house with a bare face.

8. I can not swim. I have never had the chance to learn and now I just feel too old to learn.

9. I was born and raised in germany for 11 years. That is half my life spent in germany and the other half in england. Maybe it’s time for me to move to a new country?

10. I prefer messaging to talking on the phone. It’s so much more convenient. If I do answer your calls I must like you a lot.

11. I’ve secretly become a health and fitness freak. I know it’s not very obvious but trust me i’m working on it!

12. I enjoy listening to dubstep, Rnb, bashment a bit of pop-rock and indie music.

13. My parents are both Sri Lankan and we speak tamil. Although my nationality is german I remain very close to my heritage and embrace it as much as I can.

14. I have a younger brother, he is 19 but looks and acts a lot older than me!

15. I am a morning person, I enjoy waking up early doing my morning routine, getting my daily workout done (as of lately) and taking time to eat breakfast.

16. Following on from 15. My favourite meal of the day is breakfast and probably my biggest meal. Especially those mornings you get to eat out!

17. I hold a degree in pharmaceutical and cosmetics science, although my interests are more towards cosmetics science.

18. I have 8 piercings and no tattoos, although I am planning on getting one.

19. I believe in karma. Do good and work hard. In time you shall receive what you deserve.

20. I do not own any pets but one day I would like to have a little puppy and name him after a chocolate of some sort.

-xo S.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ajana2804 says:

    I can’t believe how many things we have in common!!! :O x


    1. Sudi R. says:

      Ah really? That’s great to hear, clearly we are both amazing people πŸ˜› x


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