Be You| Self Promotion


Hi y’all, I’m back with a different kind of post.

I am your day to day girl, fresh out of uni, unemployed, lacking confidence, motivation and self esteem. After the endless rejections by employers, taking criticism badly and my recent discovery of anxiety I feel like I have to take control of this situation, of my life. So, I’ve decided to embark on a little journey where I experiment with self promotion and finally put myself out there, shamelessly.

I’ve been watching ShamelessMaya and she’s inspired me with her journey. No way am I trying to impersonate her but trying to overcome my fears just the way she did. If, along the way I make mistakes, I can learn from them. If it brings a better future, more opportunities and more friends then I will see this experiment as a form of blessing. If, I gain no experience or fail in promoting myself and feel this was a silly idea then at least I know I tried. Like I read somewhere, it’s better for it to be an ‘oops’ than a ‘what if?’ Throwing myself right in the middle of every possible social platform is like jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool (and I can’t swim) but here I go. I hope you can be supportive, maybe share your own stories and help me along the way.

First step is to find a reason to promote myself.

SO my reason is because I want to get noticed for who I am and what I know, but for all that I need to be confident. Lets face it no one will take you seriously otherwise.

  • I sing, not well, but I sing.
  • I hold an honors degree and I want to make use of it. I’m not the smartest person but I love what I learned and want to eventually get into the cosmetics industry.
  • I enjoy fashion and beauty. I’m not a stylist or a make up artist but it’s a way for each individual to express art and personality.

Next step, how will I promote myself?

  • x3 posts on instagram p/w
  • x5 tweets p/d
  • x2 blog posts p/w
  • and finally youtube. I am yet to find ideas and bring all my courage together to get myself on to youtube, but once I do, I will try to post once a week or once every other week

“I have a purpose in life, but to find my purpose, I need to overcome my fears.”

-xo S.


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