Kiehl has been around for over 150 years and have created a really good reputation for their products. Their aim is to produce products to the highest standards and provide outstanding customer service! All products have naturally derived ingredients and minimal preservatives. Personally all these points have already scored bonus marks in my books, but what I love the most about them is the fact that they don’t use any form of advertising, instead they have invested all that money into the quality of the product.


I popped over to their stall after work and asked the skin expert about the “CLEARLY CORRECTIVE DARK SPOT SOLUTION”. After having a long chat about the condition of my skin and the benefits this product could provide I was still contemplating whether I should invest in this product. It retails at £36.00 which is quite pricey for a 30ml bottle, so he offered me some free samples.

I’ve been testing it for the past 5-6 days and I still have more than half the container left in the mini sample (sample bottles are 4ml).

How I use it: Once I have removed all my make up I use the pipette to squeeze 4-5 drops onto my hand. I use my fingers to distribute it onto my forehead, cheeks and chin, and pat it into my skin. I then apply my night cream and go to sleep…

What I noticed: I haven’t seen a huge change yet in terms of fading scars. I guess I can’t expect anything from using it for just five days. Also, they did mention to allow 8 weeks to see any change. If you do read the asterisk included in the little information part of the product, you’ll notice that the results they have gained from their studies only applies to the upper layer of the skin, so the outer most layer that we see, which is only a matter of micrometres thick. The penetration of my scars are more likely to be deeper, which explains why I won’t see immediate change.

However, I have very oily skin, nothing has worked to control my shiny face. On Friday I looked at my self in the mirror after work to powder my face and remove the excess oil I would have built up by the end of the day, and to my surprise my face was matte. The same thing happened today… so I guess that turned out well for me.

Key ingredients 

  • Vitamin C, has been shown to be efficacious to treat skin pigmentation
  • Peony, used as an antioxidant, also used as an anti-inflammatory and said to illuminate complexions
  • White Birch aka Hydroxyproyl Tetrahydropyrantriol, found in most cosmetic products at 5% concentration. This ingredient prevents the loss of water from our skin, which may also have something to do with the balancing of my oily skin.

All three products remain stable in the product and do not degrade to be become inactive when combined. In other words, the ingredients work well together to get the outcome they state. That’s what makes Kiehl’s formulations so good.

I’m most likely going to buy the full size and give it a go once I have finished the sample. It has helped me with my oily skin after all and if a 4ml bottle can last me for more than a week than I’m sure the 30ml bottle will last me forever (or close enough), making the price somewhat reasonable.

The pictures on the left is day 1, and the picture on the right is day 6. I don’t really spot any differences in these pictures but I thought I’d provide you with a comparison anyway. Maybe I’ll do an update in a couple of weeks to see any changes.



Please note- what works for your skin may not work for mine and vice versa but I’m still very hopeful about this product, only time will tell.

If you’d like me to review another product, leave your comments below with suggestions.

Also if anyone has overcome similar skincare battles, I would love to take your advice!

-xo S.


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