Saree Lovin’

I am a sucker for sarees. The new collections from the Indian Cotour Week 2014 have some stunning pieces, and I can only dream to be able to own such things!

In celebration of all those wonderful creations I would like to share my saree haul from my trip to Sri Lanka earlier this year.

Note: All products were purchased with my own money from Ram Bros. I am not affiliated with this shop in any way.

 The Royal Rose 

The instant I saw this colour combination there was no turning back, it was a must have! Along with the bold border and the dainty details in the netting this saree screams “BUY ME”. I had the blouse tailored with short sleeved and a boat neck, and also added a statement necklace to jazz it up.

Fresh as Mint

This minty green colour is something I have been looking for a long time. When worn it looks traditional and rich and I can not wait to style it out! The saree blouse material that came with it is also white. I own a white off the shoulder crop-top, which I am planning to pair with this beautiful piece. The border of this saree is small but when folded and draped it really adds to the colours.

Tutti Fruity 

Finally, this last piece is a complete contrast to the previous two where there is a splash of colour involved. The luscious deep purple compliments the vibrant pink blouse. The border is in contrasting colours too giving this saree a colour block effect.

Which one is your favourite? Want a lookbook featuring these sarees or see more of my saree collection?

Leave your comments and thoughts 🙂

-xo S.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ajana2804 says:

    Love your sarees! They look absolutely gorgeous 🙂 x


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