Review| Maybelline Colour Tattoo

I’m not a makeup artist and faffing around with eyeshadow has always been the bane of life. I end up looking like a panda or someone just gave me a blue eye but along came colour sticks and paint pots. My favourite at the moment are Maybelline’s colour tattoo, they have made my life that much easier.


I own “Pink Gold” (bottom), “Eternal Gold” (left) and “Creamy Beige” (top).

Pink Gold is a very fine metallic pink, with a silverish undertone. It is great for highlight inner corners or to apply over the whole eye lid on it’s own.

Eternal Gold is also a metallic colour. It is a mixture of fine and larger specks of gold. As with Pink gold, this colour is great for highlighting the inner corner and great  ad an overall eyelid shade.

Creamy Beige, as the name suggests is a very leather like texture and look on the eye. I love this as an every day colour. For lighter skin it can be used effectively for the crease and outer corners of the eye.


Soft, smooth, creamy, has a wet to dry consistency and no creasing.

Good colour pay off, can layer to increase intensity.

How long does it last?
It is advertised to last for 24hours. Although I haven’t tested this claim I do feel that it has lasted me for as long as I have had it on. It is also easy remove with just a make up wipe. Once opened it should be disposed in 24months.


£4.99, There is currently a 3 for 2 sale on all cosmetics at boots

In drug stores i.e. superdrug and boots

Has pleanty, will last a long time for the price.

Applies well with brush and fingers although when brush is used I feel it picks up excess product. It ‘s smudge resistant once applied and does not crease.

Have you tried any of these or other colours? What are your thoughts on these?

-xo S.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie says:

    lovely colours! (: x


  2. neuroticallydisorderly says:

    I literally just bought ‘permanent taupe’ the other day and I love it. I’m not very good with eyeshadow but this is so quick and easy to apply! Might need to try some more colours


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