Review| Henna in my Hair


I walked into lush a while ago and saw the range of henna dyes they had available. Naturally, I had to try them! I just got a sample size to test the product before investing my money on something that may not work for me.


(Ignore the red hair, that’s the ends of my hair clipped up. I only tested the products on my roots, the are completely black.)

The colour change was not very obvious, just a very light tint in the sun. The amount I used on my hair was no where near enough to cover the whole head so I would recommend buying 4 or 6 of the large bars for long hair. Unlike how it looks in the picture, if you want to cover your whole head it is better to have a thick layer of the paste on the hair. It is also probably better suited for lighter hair. Another downside to this product is that you should leave it in for maximum of two hours to see a good outcome and I realise that most people do not have that much time at hand! It also takes a couple of washes to get all of it out and leaves an unpleasant smell in your hair. If you are able to tolerate all of this than investing in the henna could safe your hair from having to colour it with harsh chemicals, it leaves the hair soft and shining.

My thoughts:
Besides all the downsides to it, I am thinking about repurchasing a larger quantity in the future and maybe even testing out other colours. I’m sure there is ways to conceal the smell after rinsing the product out of your hair and maybe, if I use a thicker paste, the colour change will be more obvious. Mind you most of my hair was ginger/red at the time (except for my roots) so I just wanted to even out my hair colour by using this.

Lush has four colours available Rouge, Noir, Marron and Brun. 325g retails at £7.95.

For anyone who is curious and wants to try any of the colours, FREE samples are available at all Lush stores.

-xo S.


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