Beauty| Fake a good set of Eyebrows

I have the most uneven looking eyebrows you can imagine. With a scar running through my right eyebrow, which means it has sparse areas, and it also being slightly more raised than the left eyebrow- achieving “fleek” eyebrows is pretty much a myth to me.

It doesn’t bother me much, I am able to fill them in and have them looking at least somewhat decent, thats plenty fine with me.

I don’t fill them or draw them in to perfection but I make the most with what I have and that’s what you should do too! Trying to achieve perfection will just drive you to obsession which then leads too overdrawn, fake, bushy brows, and… ain’t nobody got time for that.

So this is what happens when I straighten my eyebrows out in the morning..

1. Brush eyebrowsΒ 



2. Use the best suited colour and fill in brows a little away from the beginning of the brow



3. Brush and blend the colour


4. Add a little more colour to the sparse looking areas


5. Brush and blend harsh lines again




And that’s the final look. Remember eyebrows are sisters not twins, as every girl and their mother would have said by now. I used the BeautyUK High definition eyebrow kit, from Superdrugs.

This is what I tend to do for my everyday makeup routine. I use a bit more product and precision for special occasions, that’s usually when the concealers come in too, for a more defined eyebrow.

How do you fake a good set of brows?

-xo S.


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