Eat Healthy With Sudi| Peanut Butter and Banana Oatsies

I’m thinking of starting a “follow me as I try to get healthy” series.

Following on from my last post, I’m not going to commit myself and set a target. I’m just going to try to be as healthy as I can, taking inspiration from everywhere! By publicly announcing this movement I feel like I’ve already made a huge commitment to set myself out for a good lifestyle, I won’t add any more pressure to myself by adding targets, just yet.

I have been pretty healthy most of my teenage/adult life, there have been phases where I’ve slacked but I want to keep the healthy lifestyle going, and let it be more than just a phase I go through.

Anyway, lets get onto today’s post…

I have been craving something sweet to snack on but I’m so lazy when it comes to baking and cooking. I’m always looking for quick fixes (That’s when the unhealthier options slide in). I found this recipe on good ‘ol Pinterest, you only need aย minimum of 3 ingredients, so naturally I had to share my outcome with y’all…


Ingredients I used :


2 Ripe Bananas

Unsalted PeanutButter

Dark Chocolate Chips

The recipe was really easy to follow, to be honest there’s not much that you need to do just mix it all together and stick in the oven… Okay, maybe you need to do a little bit more than that but the whole process took about 30minutes. Five minutes for the preparation and 15-20 minutes for it to bake. Find the Method and more detailsย HERE



And here’s the outcome



They are so light and yummy! Definitely a healthier alternative to maryland cookies. If you love peanut butter and bananas, you have got to make this! Try it out for yourselves and let me know your thoughts ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy baking!

-xo S.


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