No more alcohol, no more chocolate, no more cheat days

You may or may not know that I have been very health conscious for the longest time. Mainly because it is a huge deal to my mum to eat healthy and she’s always encouraged it during our childhood.

However, about 3Years ago things weren’t like this. I had been binge eating and drinking during my first year at university which eventually caught up with me. It was one of my best and worst years with so many life changing moments occurring but I had also completely lost all sense of self control and didn’t think about how it would affect my health in the long run. I mean, who does think about those things when they start Uni!?

Anyway, fast forward to the end of that year, I knew I had to take that initial step of trying to be healthy again. That toxic first year had made my body change in ways I never thought was possible – my skin was at its worst, my arms and stomach were the areas where I carried most of my weight, I virtually had no sleeping pattern (I was lucky to even get any sleep), and the list goes on…

Although I may have been side tracked in the past due to the environment I was in, I have been able to get myself back to having a balanced diet. Fitness has been something I have also managed to incorporate into my daily life.

Things had to change and they did…

Since then, I have slowly but surely been reducing and cleansing my eating and drinking habits. Sure, I don’t completely eat clean or avoid alcohol, but I am now at the point of my fitness journey where I know I need to push myself out of that comfort zone and make a lifestyle change.

The journey so far has not been a straight incline. There have been moments where I wanted give up, became lazy, gave myself more slack than I should have but I kept going, I keep going, because once you see progress you become obsessed (the healthy sort)

Here are some pictures from when I realised things had to change:



And this is me now:

I have now reached a point where I’m at a plateau – I feel like that’s my body’s way of telling me “dude, you’ve done well so far but it’s time to go up a gear or two.”

I want to build more muscle and definition but fitness alone won’t help…

Challenge Number the first.

-No more alcohol, no more chocolate, no more cheat days; for at least 3months I am going eat healthy, avoid processed food and also prep meals to help me win this challenge.

I am setting a small goal and a time frame, so that I am not setting myself out for failure.

I’ll be doing updates and what not as I go along so make sure to keep up with me and see my progress on my instagram @sudheshi 

Missed you all!

xo S.






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