The London Edit.

Some of you may be aware that in recent months I have relocated to Dorset.

It has been a pleasant experience so far and I love the alone time but lets get real once a city girl, always a city girl! Feel free to catch up on what’s been happening with me on my youtube channel

I had a week off work, virtually zero money to spend on a holiday away, so naturally I just travelled back “home, home” to stay with my parents. Usually, that meant many lay-ins and binge watching shows on netflix.

This time I was convinced to make the most of my time back in London because I don’t get to go out often whilst I’m working in Dorset. (There’s only so many times you’d want to go on a nature walk!)

I had become so used to the early mornings, I couldn’t bring myself to stay in bed past 7am, which meant I could spend the mornings working out and being able to take time to have my breakfast.

The rest of the day consisted of going anywhere, everywhere, as long as I was out. Whether it was just to go out to see people, shopping, walking around on my own. I wasn’t particular or planned my days ahead because it didn’t matter. I just wanted experience the surrounding I was in, have conversation and build relationships with my new perspective on life.

I never truly appreciated the place I spent half my life growing up in, until I spent so much time away! At least now I know how to value being home, spending time with people and connecting.

I’m all about visuals. I understand and appreciate things better when I see them in a form of an image, diagram, scribbles etc.. even better when it’s interactive! That may be why I love taking pictures, watching movies and creating things.  SO of course I took my camera along with me everywhere I went.

Anyway here are some visuals I gathered from my week in South Weezyyy:

Places include –

The Science Museum

Westfields (white City)

Areas near my “home, home”

and many many Selfies






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