Be You | 8 Things I can’t live without


I’ve always thought there’s a strong difference between wanting and needing something.

I’ve never made a conscious effort to think about the differences. Do I want it or do I need it?

Many of the things that we want may not necessarily be something that we need and vice versa but we still put a high importance on both decisions.

I’ve compiled a list of things I can’t imagine my life without. These are things that I haven’t put much thought into. The reason I’m writing this list without much thought is to notice whether the things I can’t live without correlate to things that I needed and/or wanted.

  1. My family- Not until recently did I realise that I am truly nothing if I haven’t got my family around. Living away has opened up a whole other world of thoughts for me. NEED/WANT
  2. My friends- They keep me sane and grounded. WANT
  3. Food- I basically live for food! NEED
  4. My phone – as much as I don’t want to be mainstream, I honestly would be lost without my phone. I rely on communication with the aid of my phone A LOT! WANT
  5. Clothes- I think it’s fair to say that any human requires this but for me it’s about the ability to release my creativity and style. NEED
  6. Music – There isn’t a day that goes by where I haven’t listened to my favourite tracks, or at least sung a song. WANT
  7. Shoes -I think I actually have a problem because shoes are my obsession, a guilty pleasure if you may. I base my outfit on the pair of shoes I feel like wearing that day. WANT
  8. My limbs – I can’t imagine my life without a leg, or an arm. Life doesn’t stop by having a disability. That doesn’t mean I can’t be grateful for being given the chance to live a life with the lack of a limb or several. NEED

OK, so the list looks pretty standard. I’m sure many of you will have a similar list. There’s a variation of things that I wanted in my life/needed in my life. These are all my own opinions and may vary to yours.

Family, Friends, phone, music and shoes are all things I got to choose. I could live a life without any of it but it wouldn’t be a good one! They bring out my personality and make me more than just a walking, talking body (aka Robot)

Family, Food, Clothes and Limbs, these are all things that allow me to move forward and exist. Take away one of these things and I wouldn’t be able to go out about my day as I know it.

So the definition for the things we want and the things we need could be on different ends of a spectrum but there’s certainly a path where they become parallels. It’s a key part in contributing towards our growth.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

-xo S.


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