How to Master the Sporty-Chic Style

The way I see it, is that this trend is definitely one that will stick around for a long, long time. It’s completely up my street – a perfect hybrid of comfort and style. I mean, how can you go wrong with that?
AND so simple to master.
Below you’ll see some sets I have curated. How I mastered this style is simple.
There are many components that make up the complete outfit and style.
As the name of this style suggests, it is made up of:
1 Sporty item
2 Smart item
and also 3 the colours you pick
In Set numero uno – the “sporty” item are the pair of trainers. I paired it with the girly cullottes and off the shoulder top. It still keeps the outfit very light hearted but classy.
Picking out the right shades to combine can make or break an outfit. I could have kept it all monochrome, played around with colour blocking or stuck to one tone. We all know pastel and metallic is all the rave at the moment so I adapted this style to the current trend.
In the second set the key sporty item is the sports bra, paired with some mom jeans and a blazer. I am in complete awe with this one, it’s all about the edgy and effortless parts whilst also screaming “i’m gonna kick some ass” vibes.
Picking out an outfit can really be that easy!
I could come up with many many more sets but we’s be here forever and I’d be tempted to buy everything!
Hope this post helped!
casj 2

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