Mary Lou Manizer Review 

 As you all know, highlighter is all the craze right now. Especially with summer on its way a “natural” glowy look is what we seek to attain. 

I have started quite the collection of highlighters from high end to low and I can tell you that this one is by far the best when it comes down to price, quantity and product pay off.

The Balm Cosmetics is a highstreet brand carried in stores like superdrug, in the UK. They have three shades of highlighters. By popular choice I picked upMary Lou. It is made up of fine gold specs in a pressed powder compact. 

Price: £17.50, compared to other brands the price is quite affordable placing it smack bang in the middle of the spectrum.

Quantity: 8.5g, this is plenty of product to last you for months if you are a regular user, maybe even years. The expiration period is 12months.

Application: it’s best applied with a feathered brush or a tapered blending brush. Light brush strokes is all that its required. I apply it on my cheekbones, temple, eyebrow bone and down the bridge of my nose. For even better pay off it should be applied when the foundation is still wet/sticky for the powder to adhere. 

Durability: When applied with a good base it can last me all day. A small amount of this product can go a long way so it’s best to build up the product rather than slapping it all on at once.

Suitable for: It definitely suits anyone with my skin tone, aha! From my perspective the gold compliments every skin warm skin tone.

Hope this helps! Which one is your favourite highlighter? 

-xo S.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Love this! I’m obsessed with highlighter so this may have to be my next one 🙈⭐️


    1. Sudi R. says:

      Yes for sure! I’m going through a phase too, and I just bought the becca one, it’s slightly more expensive but oh so amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oooo the Becca one is on my list too! Honestly this pay day can’t come any sooner! xxx


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