4 Reasons Why Asking for Help Makes You a Winner

It takes a strong person to admit you need help.

– Too often we believe that we create vulnerability when we ask someone for help or believe that we are portraying signs of weakness. Have you ever considered that asking for help shows that you want to learn more? You just want to build a bridge to become a well rounded person, that’s what makes you approachable and relatable to someone pretending to know it all.

Asking for help can help build relationships.

– You could be asking someone you have never met before to open a bottle of water. That’s allowing them to do you a favour and you have almost instantly built a connection with them with no effort whatsoever. Now, that’s an example on a small scale. When we take a look at this on a larger spectrum – You could be asking your friend for some relationship advice, which allows you to see their thought process, lets them open up to you and builds trust between the both of you – everything that’s necessary to build a foundation for a good relationship.

There may be more than one way to solve a problem.

– Following on from my previous point, we all have a unique way of thinking. A problem may have many ways to be solved, however, sometimes on our own it is difficult to think outside of the box. Asking for help could open up many other points of views.

It’s more fun to do thing with others.

– Yes, we all love to be know it alls. We love to think that we can take on the world on our own. But, isn’t it more fun allowing someone else to help you? You may be more than capable to take on whatever challenge is thrown at you but an experience issue much more memorable and enjoyable when it is shared with someone else.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you in the next one.




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