Last Minute Halloween Looks

I know this post may be a bit late, but you could always use it as inspiration for next year?

I didn’t do much this year because, my friends and I are boring. But, I did find some time to play around with my makeup and get creative.

Now, I’m not a make up artist, so I have no particular techniques to apply make up or face paint.Β A lot of the times I find some inspiration on good ‘ol pinterest and try to recreate the look. And, a lot of the times I fail!

For some reason this halloween make up just came to me without so much a struggle than when I try to do a blown out glam look…

I didn’t want to spend money on things I will not be using all year round. Instead I resorted to Black Gel Liner, Black eyeshadow and white eyeshadow for the “special effects”, if you’ll have it.

Here are some of the looks I created:


Broken Doll


Black Swan


Semi Evil Spirit


Thanks for reading! Catch y’all soon πŸ™‚

-xo S.


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