Dreaming of a Winter Wonderland

Now that Halloween is over, is it okay to start bringing in the christmas vibes?

If you live in London, then you should know by now that you must visit Winter Wonderland, located in Hyde Park, during this festive season.

It’s become a tradition amongst our clan!

Having spent a little under half my life in Germany, christmas markets just about hit the spot leading up to christmas. It’s great that I can recall so many childhood memories just by  the atmosphere it creates. It also has everything titles in german which makes me feel right at home.

I went on a Sunday last year. Mind you it was probably one of the busiest days as school holidays had just started. (Plus it was a weekend.)

We still managed to get around and come out in one piece. Needless to say- good vibes all around, good food, good music and don’t forget the booze. There’s also loads of fun rides for adults and children to enjoy!

One of the biggest features is the ice skating rink, which is always busy, and the Ferris wheel. My personal favourite is the Belgium waffle stand, the carousel Bar and Wilde Maus XXL.

When is Winter Wonderland 2016?

This year Winter Wonderland runs from Friday November 18 2016 – Sunday January 2 2017. Gates open at 5pm on the first night and the site will then be open daily between 10am-10pm (except Christmas Day).

Here are some pictures I took last year:



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