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Garnier Moisture Bomb


I had an impulse moment when I saw these sheet masks on the shelves of Boots. I’ve seen pictures of these pop up everywhere, so naturally it sparked some curiosity.

They’re very affordable priced at £1.49 and contains one mask per packet.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

The packaging itself feels plump and well, juicy…

I’m a huge sucker for sheet masks, heck any kind of mask in general! So I was very excited to be testing this.

The application was very easy. There are two layers – You remove the mask from the packaging and apply the mask straight to your face accordingly. Once you feel its
positioned well you remove the first layer (Blue). The Blue mask acts as a support layer, which helps the application process. It peels off with ease, and the second layer (the mask with the good stuff) is left behind in the perfect position. The second layer can then be smoothed down further but I want you, it is very delicate and can tear. Diagrams are included on the back of the packaging.


I left the mask on for about 20minutes, although it says 15minutes. Call me a rebel.

Initially, when the mask got in contact with my skin it had a cold tingly sensation. It also has a subtle “fresh” smell (one of those moments where I wish scents can be emitted through the internet).

As the name says, it contains a lot of moisture, but not so much that it’ll drip off, of your face. It remains to stay fairly cooling, but the tingling does disappear – this may have just been my skin. It tends to be super sensitive to fragmented products.

After 20minutes, I removed the mask and massaged any residues into the face, and removed the excess with a cotton pad, as instructed.

IMG_9009.JPGI was left with very fresh and plump skin. It definitely gave me back a lot of radiance and moisture. Basically, everything it says it’ll do.

The only downside to the mask is that it comes in one size. If you have a slightly smaller face like me, a lot of adjusting is required.

Supposedly, 1 mask will give 1 week of Hydration which I’m yet to find out.

I would probably use this mask as and when needed but I wouldn’t say I’m in any hurry to rush out and stock up.

My skin really needs all the help it gets this winter. How are you combating this frosty weather?




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  1. Sitzy says:

    OMG are you Tamil! well hello there 😀 I’m tamil too on my mums side, what a small world! Love your blog too!
    check out mine if you have the time!

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    1. Sudi R. says:

      Hello! Yasss i am tamil indeed 😃 thanks so much will deffo check out your blog 😘

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