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 Chameleon Glow Review




Shuffle the Cards as Highlighter

Last week I posted a mini haul on my Instagram of two sparkly goodies. They are none other than the Duo Chrome pigments from Topshop.

I don’t know whether these were raved about and I unknowingly living under a rock  or they’re just under appreciated. I’m just out here questioning why I never noticed them

They aren’t designed for anything in particular so you can use them to create anything you want. (personally I just want to rub it all over my face and walk out looking like a sparkly mess).

The pigmentation isn’t of the most intense but it is build able and better applied by fingers than a brush. The formulation consists of a mixture of various finely powdered shades, mostly elements of glitter, or maybe all of it. It’s very illuminating, reflective and easy to blend.

If you are planning on using them on your eyes I’d say it’s best applied with a base colour below. Depending on the colour of the base it gives different outcomes – like those chrome nails you must have seen around.

Wax&Wane on the centre of Eye

There are three shades currently available – Wax&Wane (pink, blue, violet) and Shuffle the Cards (gold, pink, red), U-Turn (green, gold, bronze)

You’ll get 2.4g in a pressed powder dome form for £9.50 and to me it looks like there’s plenty to last me for a long while.

I love them and I can’t get enough of them. I got really excited and tried Shuffle the cards as a highlighter and created a oil slick-esque look on my eyes using Wax&Wane.

Hope you enjoyed all this sparkle!

I’ll catch you in the next one.



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