Skincare | What is oily dehydrated skin?!


Oily dehydrated skin?!


I know the term itself appears to be contradicting itself at first glance, but it’ll make sense soon!

I wake up in the morning with perfectly normal skin. I wash my face, as you do, and pat it dry. Soon after my skin feels very dry and micro scaly. Throughout the day my skin turns very oil, so for most of the day my skin has built up oil to overcompensate for the dryness.

I then try to find a way to balance my skin, believing my skin is of the oily sort, because its oily for most of they day.

But the question I should have asked myself is, is it really oily?

The answer is No. (in my case anyway)

What is it then? It’s dry.

Why you ask? Well I kind of answered that already.

The reason my face turns oily in the first place is because it tries to overcompensate for the fact that it is lacking in natural oils – hence feeling dry in the mornings. By using products that try to counteract oily skin (whilst my skin is dry) causes it to produce even more oil, because it feels like it will be deprived of it soon.


Going off on a Tangent:

I can’t speak for everyone because, everyone’s skin works differently. However, I don’t believe that the entirety of our face should be limited only to a certain type for your whole existence (i.e just oily, just dry, or just sensitive all over). Environmental changes, diet, fitness, wellbeing or level of stress can all  be contributing factors to the way your skin acts on a day to day basis. If these are changing every day chances are the way your skin acts will change along with it. Skin however is always a step behind you so it may not impact you straight away but try to catch up instead.

So for instance – you may be more oily around your cheeks, dry around the mouth area, sensitive/acne prone around the forehead for sometime and the suddenly it changes.

The idea of addressing the particular problem areas with the appropriate products seems to be the best way to resolve or tame it. I have kitted out ready to tend to any sort of skin issue, which means my skincare routine changes fairly often – depending on the weather, menstrual cycle, the type of food I eat or even if the rooms I work in are humid or air conditioned.

I have some new products from NIOD and The Ordinary that I’ll hopefully get round to review soon 🙂

Hope this was somewhat informative!

Loads of love




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    1. Sudi R. says:

      thank you! Will definitely check out your post 🙂 Have a good day xxx


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