Be You | Life lessons.

I’ve had a tough year so far and am at utter loss with myself but I know it’s just the beginning of a beautiful struggle.

I started writing as a form of outlet, but because my brain thinks faster than I can type some thoughts just slip away, so instead I started recording myself speak.

I record any concerns I have, any problems I faced that day. I speak about anyone that made me happy and anyone that made me sad. Anything and Everything!

It’s my personal voice-note-diary-thing.

By doing this it takes a whole lot of weight off my chest. It’s kind of liberating!

Recording myself allows me to capture, listen back and relive the moment. The fact that no one but me will listen to it lets me be raw, honest and more. I don’t have to make sense or explain myself because I’m speaking to the future me. The future me has already met the past me. (That reminds me, I need to catch up with last weeks Flash)

It’s the only therapeutic and non invasive way I can gather my thoughts.

Here are some things I repeat to myself (out loud) when things are looking cloudy:

– Just be patient,

– it didn’t go as planned, and that’s okay

– one bad day, isn’t a bad life 

– it’s okay to be scared. to be scared means you are about to do something brave

-strength comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t do

– everybody crossing your path is teaching you something about yourself 

– your intuition is your superpower

– nothing is a loss, you’re either winning or learning

It’s a new day and a new week, lets make it a good one 😊

Lots of love




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