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I know this is way overdue for those that were wondering when the lash review would be up, but here it is!

Naturally, being asian and all, I couldn’t resist this bargain and it’s only fair that I share it with you! I cam across these lashes from Minara’s instagram ( so all the credit should actually go to her!


I can’t say they are amazing because

  • the bands are a little bit stiff and thick (#004)
  • some are super fragile and so very fiddly to apply, which then meant I couldn’t try out one of the lashes
  • and they are pretty wide so you need to trim them down

Having said all of this:

  • you’re getting 5pairs for less Β£3.00 (some come in a pack of 10)
  • I’d much rather trim the lashes than have short ones.
  • the delivery is super quickΒ (if you live in the UK)
  • items that are out of stock, are restocked pretty quickly
  • and they look great once you’ve applied them!

All in all- if you aren’t ready to invest in mink lashes or are beginner at applying lashes these are great cause you can’t really go wrong when you are getting so many for what is sometimes the price of one.

Here’s where you can find them : Kanddit

Next up is a holiday look πŸ™‚

Loads of love



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