The Tamil Beauty Community

Over this year I have connected with so many wonderful people, through blogging and youtube but I always felt like there is so many more people to discover!

Although we have this platform to create, write and share a lot of it just disappears.

That’s why I created a Community page for newbies (and long existing) Tamil beauty bloggers to come together to share their posts. We all need a bit of inspiration and motivation sometimes, heck I have a writers block almost every other week aha!

I’d like for more Tamil female bloggers to unite and encourage each other to achieve great things!

You don’t have to be a beauty blogger. You just have to be a girl on a mission.

Any content creators are welcome to show off their talents (be it lifestyle, health&fitness, fashion, photography, authors, artists, vloggers etc).

The whole idea behind “Beauty” is whatever you make of it because there’s beauty in everything!

Feel free to check it out, share your content and spread some love 🙂

I’m looking forward to meeting a lot more of you!

Loads of love.



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