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I absolutely adore this time of year just because everything is decorated, cosy and everyone is feeling exceptionally happy!

I went for a stroll around London to see the Christmas lights. Central London is beautiful as it is but I kid you not, this time of year, with all those decoration all around I felt like a kid in a candy store!

Some of you may know how much I love taking pictures of fairy lights, stars, glitter etcetera, etcetera. Beauty truly shines brighter through darkness and I couldn’t miss out on it this year!

The decorations will be up until 06/01/2017. If you’re in or around London (Oxford circus, Bond street, Regent street and Carnaby street) I highly recommend you check it out.

I’ve seen pictures of Covent garden floating around which looks equally amazing!

To add to the festivities, Southwest rail services have changed their station names too. Yup, london is going all out this year!

Instead of Waterloo it’s Winterloo! Raynes Park is now RaynesDEER Park, and my personal favourite, New Malden is now New-Mulled Wine aha!

I also have a Vlog from this day, which has been way overdue but I’ve been struggling with all sorts of, lets call it “technical” difficulties… I’m hoping to have that up by the end of this year! (which is pretty soon lol)


Hope you’re enjoying your Christmas Eve.

Loads of love



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