Fashion | 4 Styles – 1 Hairband

Hello my loves! I hope you’ve all been well.

In my last post I mentioned how much I am loving the elevation accessories bring to an outfit. One particular item I have been absolutely loving is the scarf/hairdband/bandana.

They’ve always been around, but for the longest time I was too lazy to accessorise and it just got lost in my peripheral vision. Now that it has caught my sight, it’s safe to say it’s quickly becoming my absolute favourite!

There are a billion and one ways to use the scarf but here are four of my favourite:

With a Bun


With a Twist


With A Bow


With a Flap

IMG_6440ย Tip: If you have straight hair like me I would recommend a cotton scarf rather than silk. Although they look more chic they are super fiddly to tie around euqally silky straight hair.

This particular scarf is from H&M. It’s definitely still available in stores but I can’t find it online.

Since I’ve really been loving this look, I’ve been eyeing up a few other styles/patterns:

hmprod (3)
hmprod (4)

I had so much fun with this post! Which one was your favourite?

Have a lovely Easter Weekend and I’ll catch you in the next one



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