Get to know Badass Biker : Kieron


Not only is this lad a pleasant sight to the eye but also been someone that’s continuously gone on to give daily doses of inspiration through his passion. It only made sense to start off this series of recognising greatness with Kieron.

Meet Kieron Goodwin, or better known as KOMit, a 25 year young Cyclist from Bath. When he isn’t working he’s almost always found on a bike or drinking coffee, sometimes even both…



Lets start at the beginning..

What inspired you to hit the trail the first time, and how did biking come to play such a big part in your life?

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved cycling, had this crazy cool giant bike when I was about 5 years old, it was silver and red… in my eyes it was better than any other bike out there.

“Unfortunately on my first ride I thought I’d test out the front brake.. went straight over the handle bars and put a few scratches on my new bike but that never stopped me from getting straight back on it.”

As time went on I moved from casual mountain biking to casual road cycling.

Here’s a bit of Kieron’s relationship history (with his bikes) 🚴🏻: 

I started with a specialized Allez, alloy frame, the thing was a size 58cm frame (I had no clue about sizing) so a little big and a little heavy but damn I loved it.

“The wind in my face as I would fly down hills at speeds in excess of 60mph and I quickly fell in love.”


Spending more time on my noble alloy steed I decided to invest in a second hand specialised Roubaix, carbon frame, carbon deep section rims, sram red groupse, she was a dream!! Now I ride a Peter Sagan S works tarmac. She’s my one true love, won’t go out in the rain or even if there’s a chance of rain. Overtime I go out on here I just have the biggest smile on my face and yes it’s a she and no she does not have a name yet 😦

Do you have a favourite location to ride? If so where?

Cheddar is my go to, we usually like to spend our time whizzing around the mendips, going up and down hills but we always end up in Costa, Cheddar.

“I have made it an almost tradition with the cycling club that we have a Costa coffee. We just sit there and laugh and joke about anything.. when we are not staring at our bikes.”

Then once we stuff our faces with cake and lots of coffee we then head up the gorge withfull bellies and stiff legs which always adds enjoyment to a great
iconic climb in Somerset.

If you could cycle any route in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Stelvio, Italy without a shadow of a doubt!

  • For starters at the top of the road, looking out over the 24km climb is just a sight to behold!
  • It’s breathtaking and one of the most photographed roads in the world.
  • Average gradient at 7ish percent this climb is a monster and one that I want to tackle head on.


“Seriously if you don’t know the road, Google Stelvio.. ” 

So I googled Stelvio and this is what I found 😍

Can you tell us a bit about a favourite memory/experience you’ve had whilst riding? 

There are so many funny stories that have happened from my time spent cycling.

I am just going to list off a few ones that still crack me up:

  • Our first team 100 miler ride and one of the lads who I went mention his name bonked as we call it and just decided to fall into a hedge and just stay there where his legs were completely shot, the club was in tears with laughter! He did end up rejoining us after a good rest and made the 100 miles.

  • Another time was seeing my friend coming to a stop on his bike and forgetting  to un-clip his cleat from his pedal, It was almost in slow motion seeing him and the look on his face when at that moment he knew he was going down and the bike was going down with him, As he hit the deck he was just led on his back, still clipped in and the bike up in the air.

  • Last one was another bike group ride and my friends bib shorts were a little too…. tight and the fabric had stretched that much that ourselves and every car going past him could see his entire backside!! – Oh dear :’)


How has riding affected you mentally/physically?

Riding has done wonders for my mental state and my physical appearance. And of
course having the standard cycling tan lines that makes you look like a squashies sweet.

“I now have legs that I hope the big man Arnold Schwarzenegger would compliment.”

Most of all it has effected my mental state the most, it has
made me calmer, more in control of my feelings and gives me a perspective that I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t riding.

Cycling is my sanctuary where I can go and forget all of the bad things around me and just ride, Nothing will ever beat that feeling.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you think cycling will still be part of your journey?

I honestly do not have a scooby doo as to where I see myself in 10 years time but I do know that thing that is for sure, I will own a lot more bikes and will need an additional wardrobe for all of the cycling gear I will be racking up. I hope to go on more bike journeys across the world, to see and ride some of the most majestic roads in the world with my bike and my cycling pals.

Can you give us three words to best describe how you feel when you ride?

mindful, euphoric & invincible


And finally, what advice would you give to newbies who want to hop on the saddle but don’t know where to begin?

Look faster than you can ride!

Haha jokes aside, I would say to get yourself in a cycling Club.

Honestly being a part of a club is not only hilarious for the banter but it motivates you, encourages you to push yourself to your limits. May also drain your bank balance but when you’re having so much fun enjoying the things you bought, you tend not to worry about it, more so thinking about what to buy next.

Just have fun 🙂



I’d like to thank Kieron for allowing us to get to know him and about the cycling society a bit more!

 I wish him the best of luck and all the success in everything he aims to achieve.

If you’d like to follow Kieron’s journey (or just stalk him) here are his social media handles:

Facebook: Kieron Goodwin

IG @KierGoodwin


Thanks for reading guys! 

I’ll catch you in the next one.




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