While there are people fighting to stay alive, there are others willing to take it away in an instant.

When did it become so easy?

Life is precious.

I have never thought about it or said it in a way I really meant until I witnessed a life leave us in front of our very own eyes.

Life is so very precious.

We forget that it’s not just flesh and bones.

Every breath taken. Every heart beat. The blood that flows within us. Every time we’ve stumbled to pick ourselves up again. Our laughter. Our tears. Our memories. Our dreams. Our very existence.

It’s all taken away by another, life.

If only humans looked at one another, really looked at one another and didn’t see eachother as just bodies but as souls. You wouldn’t want to hate. You wouldn’t want to hurt. You wouldn’t dare to take away their life.

No one has the right to do so.

I’m heart broken by the thought that we are walking on the very same planet as people who carry so much weight in the form of anger, to have to resort to extreme measures.

Despite the terrible things happening all around the world I want to direct my energy towards building hope. I may not have much power or influence but as long as kindness, integrity, humility and generosity exists there is hope.

Lets spread love not hate ❤️



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