More than what you wear





Style means so much more than the latest seasonal trends.

When I think of the clothing I wear it represents my attitude, my way of life and it’s how I choose to share my personal story.

As a teenager I was always afraid of the opinions of others. I dressed in a way  I believed was socially acceptable.

I remember when skinny jeans were first introduced. I must have been 14/15 years old. Most of my friends thought they looked ridiculous and disregarded the jeans completely. I was a silent spectator. I wanted to be part of the trend but I also didn’t want to have a different opinion to my friends.

My mum had bought me a grey pair at the time, thinking that I would like them. She was right, I did! But I was too afraid to wear them because I didn’t want to be different.

Funnily enough skinny jeans are the norm now. It didn’t have to be the big deal we (or I) made it out to be.

Though that incident wasn’t something worth remembering, it stuck with me. It always replays in my mind.

My personal style has come such a long way since then. As I was browsing down my Instagram feed I noticed how this year itself I went through several phases. Each phase is a representation of the person I was and it’s displayed through my clothes, my make up and even my hair.

My style has become so much more than something superficial. It’s a form of creativity.

Every time I put an outfit together there are many brush strokes involved to form the whole painting.


“Style isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about how you live – Lilly Pulitzer.”






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